First Plugin for WordPress

First Plugin for WordPress

JMR Websolution has created its first Plugin for WordPress.  We are currently awaiting access to the subversion repository.  Once this is granted we will post a link to it.

The plugin is for WXSIM a weather forecast tool.

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  1. Sheila Kyle says:

    I have download your plugin WXSIM but I can’t find the plaintext file. I have it in a widget in the top right hand sidebar of Thanks for your help Sheila

  2. admin says:

    You have to supply the plaintext file which is created by WXSIM.

    If you do not have WXSIM this plugin will not work.


  3. Rob says:

    The shortcut should be [forecast] not [forcast] if that helps.

  4. Folignometeo says:

    There is a way to put two different forecast in the same page?


  5. Folignometeo says:

    i found two little bugs, change language don’t work for me and if i active permalink the icon disapper


  6. admin says:

    Bugs should now be fixed.

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